Brazil Grill

Brazil Grill is a restaurant and bar in Saya Mall, the cobbled street behind Suzuran Department Store in central Takasaki. It offers a fun and unique dining experience for meat lovers.

Churrasco is a Brazilian style of barbecued meat cooked on a large metal skewer and brought to your table by the friendly Brazilian owners, and sliced directly onto your plate. The beefsteak, chicken, sausages and other meats are excellently prepared and go well with rice and the side salad.

Brazil Grill serves a range of non-alcoholic drinks including the Brazilian favorites Guarana, mate-tea and guava and other fruit juices, as well as beer, wine, cocktails and the popular caipirinha made with Brazilian sugar cane liquor and limes.

Brazil Grill can cater for wedding receptions and private parties for around 20 guests, and there are all-you-can-eat and drink menus available.


Address : 63-1 Saya-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0827 
Tel : 027-386-5990