Nishi-Guchi 18 Ban

If you are staying nearby the west entrance of Takasaki station, or simply passing by and looking for a cool place to enjoy a meal, the Nishi-Guchi 18 Ban (nishi-guchi-juuhachi-ban) is well worth the (very short) detour. Only two steps away from the station, the “Nishi-Guchi” is the perfect place to indulge in a fusion of Italian-International cuisine.

With its chic and sober interior, open kitchen, and large front windows, the Nishi-Guchi is a must-try destination for single patrons. In fact, its large wooden counter bar – which makes it easier to chat with the friendly staff, coupled with its no-table-charge policy makes it a great place for a refreshing after-work drink.

The approachable menu features an honest selection of pizzas, pasta, and other international earthy meals. While you are there, be sure to try the Gyuu-harami steak, served on a bed delicious fries – not ordering it would be a crime, almost. Other recommendations would be the large and chunky herbal sausages – served with three kinds of mustard – or the delicious gorgonzola penne.

Alone or with a group, whether it is to sip a drink, enjoy a meal, or both; the Nishi-Guchi 18 Ban will make you feel at ease with its cool atmosphere and pleasuring menu.

Address : Kowa Bldg 1F, 70-29 Yashima-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0849 
Tel : 027-386-5457