This Website has been prepared by foreigners living in Takasaki city.
They have helped edit and prepare this pamphlet which introduces their favorite spots in Takasaki city.


Reporters :
Jim Fletcher(Ireland)
Yanick Pilote(Canada)
Georgina Ameyibor(Ghana)

Takasaki as seen by foreigners living in Takasaki


Located in the heart of the Kanto region, Takasaki City is easily accessed by a one-hour shinkansen trip from Tokyo, Niigata and Nagano. The Kanetsu, Joshin Etsudo and Kita-Kanto expressways also merge at Takasaki and Fujioka Junctions making access by car easy too. The city is blessed with many rich natural environments and is an attractive destination for active people who enjoy outdoor adventure. Activities include Paragliding on the slopes of Mt. Haruna from where you can view the whole Kanto Plain and Hiking on the numerous mountain trails in the region. With an altitude of 1,100 metres above sea level, the Lake Haruna is an ideal location for many outdoor activities and an escape from the hot summer months of the Kanto region. Takasaki City also has three campsites to experience camping and BBQ’s in the great outdoors with family and friends.


Takasaki is a bustling city with plenty of pubs, bars, shops, restaurants, izakaya and yatai to keep you entertained After Five where you can experience the tastes and cultures of various different countries. You can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks while chatting with your friends and listening to good music. And of course there are endless opportunities to make new friends too. We will introduce you to our favorite spots in the After Five section.

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Photo Credits: Jim Fletcher, Yanick Pilote. Georgina Ameyibor, Kan-etsu Sports Land, 有限会社グ ロバールファクトリー、Bee Bar, SPORTSBAR & DINING Pitch, The Red Lion Takasaki

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