1 Aimagawa Hot Spring Inn, Fureai-kan

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This popular copper-colored hot spring with a temperature of 62 ̊C is said to have many health benefits. The facility is a single floor wooden inn with a dining hall.

2 Lake Haruna Hot Spring Inn, Yusuge-Motoyu

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3 Lakeside Yusuge


Both located on the shore of Lake Haruna, they feature natural hot spring baths. The water is milky and rich, gentle to the skin and said to have many health benefits.

4 Takasaki Kannonyama Hot Spring Inn, Kinzanso

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After refreshing in the inn’s natural hot spring bath, enjoy the popular noodle dish Okkirikomi.

5 Ushibuse Dream Center

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Accommodation surrounded by nature at the foot of Mt. Ushibuse. Come relax in the hot bath. Daytrippers welcome.

6 Kurabuchi Kawaura Hot Spring, Hamayu Sanso Villa

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Surrounded by natural beauty, the villa offers a full range of accommodation and is a perfect starting point for hiking in the nearby mountains. The dining hall serves their specialty, Yokosuka Navy Curry.

7 Kurabuchi Hot Spring Inn

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Referred to as the bath of longevity, this hot spring has been around since the 18th century. Indoor and open air baths have different water types enabling guests to enjoy two different bathing experiences.

8 Yubata Hot Spring

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This inn at the base of Mt. Ushibuse has a hot bath using water from a natural mineral spring. It’s a secluded spot where visitors will also enjoy viewing fireflies.

9 Takasaki City Kurabuchi Welfare Center, Seseragi-no-Yu

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Located in the welfare center, this is the perfect place to refresh and relax after a day spent at the nearby park. Non-citizens only able to enter Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

10 Gunma Hot Spring, Yasuragi-no-Yu

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Features baths with a plentiful supply of natural hot water, a dining hall serving delicious meals and a souvenir shop.

More Hot Springs for Daytrippers

11 Yutori Natural Hot Spring


12 Tenjin-no-Yu Hot Spring


13 Misato Hot Spring, Maneki-no-Yu


14 Takasaki Hot Spring, Iyashi-no-Sato Sakura-no-Yu