The Bocca is an Italian “Western-style izakaya” located in the heart of Takasaki. Bocca, which means “mouth” in Italian, is an appropriate name for this bar-restaurant – it is sure to keep yours very happy if you decide to pay it a visit.

The Bocca’s menu consists of vibrant fish plates, generous fresh salads, famous Italian meats, and of course, pastas and pizzas. Each plate presented before me evoked a Mediterranean flair; a mastered balance between presentation and subtle fragrances. As a meat-lover, I couldn’t resist trying the Piemont-styled harami steak, served with creamy cheese sauce and perfectly sautéed mushrooms. The beef melted in mouth. That image might be mundane, but the flavor wasn’t. In fact, it was so good that I instantly looked up Wikipedia for “Piedmont”. Thank you for inspiring such lovely dishes, region of Italy.

To accompany their polished food menu, the Bocca offers an exhaustive drink menu. The wine list, in particular, was surprising in a good way; offering various organic wines from all-over the world – yes, Japanese organic wine too!

Open and laid-back, the Bocca is also the perfect place to gather after work. While you unwind in one of the sofas or at the counter, you can enjoy one of the beers or cider offered on the happy-hour menu. Even if you are only looking to nibble between friends, be sure to take a glance at the menu: I’m sure you will find something interesting and you might end learning a thing or two about Italy!

Address : ARC Bldg 1F, 90-7 Tori-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0053 
Tel : 027-386-5260