Yusuge Bungalows

Yusuge Motoyu and is a Japanese style natural hot spring located at the base of Mount Haruna-fuji but also has 5 Log House Cottages for accommodation by the shore of Lake Haruna. Each two-story cottage is fully equipped to accommodate up to 8 adults and has a dining area and outdoor deck to enjoy a BBQ while enjoying the panoramic view over Lake Haruna. Hiking trails are available to reach the summit of Mount Haruna-fuji, and many of Lake Haruna’s attractions are just a short drive away.

This hot water in the hot spring at Yusuge Motoyu is milky and rich in quality and health benefits and is also gentle on your skin. A gift shop and restaurant are also available in the main reception of the hotel.

Address : 846-3 Harunako-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-3348
Tel : 027-374-9211
E-mail : info@yusuge.co.jp
Website : http://www.yusuge.co.jp/