Lake Haruna (Harunako)

Mount Haruna is a caldera volcano, and is located about 30 km from Takasaki City. It is one of the Gunma’s “Three Mountains of Jomo”, along with Mount Akagi and Myogi. The last eruption reportedly took place in the early 6th century.

Mount Haruna-Fuji is located in the center of the caldera, and is so called because of it’s similiarity in shape to Mount Fuji. The 1,391-meter mountain can be scaled by taking the many hiking trails maintained along the outer rim of the caldera. A ropeway is also available that allows visitors to easily reach the peak, from which one can enjoy the panoramic surrounding landscape. Lake Haruna is a crater located to the west of the caldera with an altitude of close to 1,100 meters and brings cool summer days. Lake Haruna is popular in the summer months and the Haruna Auto Camp is open throughout this season. There are also several Japanese style ryokans and hotels available for those who prefer regular accommodation.

Reflections of the colors of the cherry trees, azaleas, day lilies, autumnal foliage and changing seasons can be enjoyed on the lake particularly between April and September. Tall dense waterweeds grow in the lake, and it is said that the souls of those who have drowned there will never come back. Row boats and Paddle Boats are available for rental by the lake and rides are possible on the stylish Swan Boats that grace the lake. Speed boat rides are also available on the lake. Other attractions include Go Cart Racing, Horse Riding, Horse Pulled Carraiges and Tennis. Regular Bicycle rental is available, while the two and three-seater bicycles are popular with families who want to ride around the lake. At the Visitor Center you can see how the mountain has developed over the centuries and stuffed samples of all the variety of birds and animals that are in the area.

The Haruna area is also known as the biggest fruit production region in Gunma prefecture with the largest output of plums in eastern Japan. Other well known fruits from the area include peaches and pears. This lake freezes up in winter, so we can enjoy Wakasagi (Smelt) ice-fishing and skating on the ice, and spectacular Illumination Festa can also be enjoyed during the winter season.

Address : Harunako-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma
Tel : 027-374-5111 (Tourism Division, Haruna Branch Office, Takasaki City)
Altitude : 1,449 m (Mt. Haruna)
Access :
- About 1 hour 30 minutes by bus from JR Takasaki Station
- About 1hour 10minutes by car fromTakasaki IC (Kan-Etsu Expressway)