The Red Lion Takasaki

Looking for a friendly place to start a night out in Takasaki? Or perhaps, looking for a good beer, offered in a familiar atmosphere? The Red Lion is an Irish Pub (with undeniable English influence) that is sure to make your entry into Takasaki’s nightlife as smooth as possible.

Ranging from tap classics such as Kilkenny and Guinness, to Bass and other international renowned beer; the drink selection is sure to please those looking for sheer-value.While you’re there, be sure to have a taste of their meat-pies. A guaranteed hit with anyone that has working taste buds!

During happy-hour, on top of finding prices slashed in half for draft beers, you’ll find an interesting variety of local foreigners quite ready to share with you their ‘must-go’ spots around the city.Overall, a great place to start a night-out in Takasaki!

Address : 33-2 Tori-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0053 
Tel : 027-325-1405(English) 
E-mail :