Sin’s Bee Bar

The Bee Bar is a small but friendly bar located in the Minami Ginza district, a few minutes away from Takasaki’s west exit.

The ‘anybody is welcome’ atmosphere promoted by the owner is also largely targeted toward foreigners. Special prices alongside free table-charge are offered to foreign patrons.

An ex-CD shop owner, the friendly Shin-san, as he likes to be called, proposes to guests the opportunity to choose their own music to play on the bar’s audio system. Local bands and musicians from nearby Live Houses compose a good part of its usual clientele.

The stimulating atmosphere that radiates from its unique décor ‒ filled with pop culture items and figurines ‒ makes The Bee Bar a must for those looking for a unique Takasaki experience.

Don’t hesitate to walk in, you will surely be charmed by the Bee Bar’s authentic hospitality!

Address : 21 Himono-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0839
Tel : 027-325-4546(English)
Website :